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20th January 2019 Second Sunday In Ordinary Time (C)

by Catherine

At the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus embodies the divine presence which brings transformation.  It is our calling to make him present and known in the circumstances of our daily lives. Today is the world Day of Prayer for Peace. Eucharistic Prayer – Memorial Acclamation 1 Mass This Week And Intentions Monday            7.00pm     […]

13th January 2019 The Baptism Of The Lord

by Catherine

Jesus’ baptism marks the beginning of his public ministry. God the Father acknowledges his beloved Son and we gather, as God’s adopted children (through our baptism), to give praise to him who has chosen us. A special welcome today to Isla Jane Short and to her family and their friends.  Isla is to be graced […]

6th January 2019 The Epiphany Of The Lord

by Catherine

Today, we celebrate the revealing of the Christ Child to all the nations on the earth; and, like the Magi, we come to worship the One who is God Among Us. Eucharistic Prayer – Memorial Acclamation 2 Mass This Week And Intentions Monday            7.00pm                    Nancy Lynch […]

30th December 2018 The Holy Family (Year C)

by Catherine

 During the so-called ‘hidden years’, Jesus lived in a loving human family. We give thanks today for our own families and for the diligence and care of Mary and Joseph as they sought to honour the vocation they had been given by God.  Let us remember, too, today, all those whose family life is not […]

23rd December 2018 Fourth Sunday Of Advent (Year C)

by Catherine

Today, we focus upon Our Lady, whose trust in God stands as a model for our own. Through her, God came to his people as one of us; and like her, we are called to bear Christ to the world, through obedience and faith. Mass This Week And Intentions Monday            9.15am *       […]