During the so-called ‘hidden years’, Jesus lived in a loving human family. We give thanks today for our own families and for the diligence and care of Mary and Joseph as they sought to honour the vocation they had been given by God.  Let us remember, too, today, all those whose family life is not happy.

Eucharistic Prayer – Memorial Acclamation 1

Mass This Week And Intentions

Monday            7.00pm (Vigil)         Thanks For 201 Of The Christmas Octave  

Tuesday        10.30am*                     God’s Blessing For 2019 Mary, The Holy Mother Of God

Wednesday      9.15am                      Bill Howarth (anniv.)  SS Basil and Gregory

Thursday          7.15pm                      Walsingham of Christmastide

Friday                9.15am                     Departed of December of Christmastide

Saturday            9.15am                    Mary Askew (anniv.) of Christmastide

Prayer Of The Church

Morning Prayer:  Sun 7.30am; Tue 10.10am; Wed-Sat 8.55am;


Thursday 6.45 – 7.10pm

Sacrament Of Reconciliation

Saturday 11.00-11.30am Of By Appointment.

Next Sunday: Masses At 8.00am & 10.00am

Today’s Organ Music

Noël: Laissez paȋtre vos bȇtes (O leave your sheep)

N. Le Bègue

In dulci jubilo (BWV 729)

J.S. Bach

Parish Notices

*New Year’s Day Mass is at the very civilised time of 10.30am, when we celebrate the Feast of Mary’s Motherhood.  It would be great to have a good turnout – there is no better way for a Christian to begin the new year than at the altar doing what Jesus commanded us to do.  Monday’s Mass is a Vigil Mass of the Feast.

Adoration Thursday 6.45 – 7.10pm.

Next Sunday is the Feast of Epiphany.

Epiphany Gifts There is the opportunity, as in recent years, to donate towards the cost of the consumables we use in church during the year.  This has been very successful, so let’s replicate it for 2019 as we model the generosity of the Magi, who came with gifts to adore the infant King.

The Christmas Crib, blessed at Midnight Mass, is a focus for prayer, not an ornament; so please make use of it at any time through the week.  It will be in position until Sunday 13th, which is the liturgical conclusion of Christmastide this year.

The Christmas Hamper raised the sum of £154.00, with monies being put towards grounds maintenance around the car park area. Thank you to all who bought tickets.  The winner was Kath Woods. A special thank you, too, to Vicky Rowbottom for her kind donation of the hamper.

Top Ten Carols Thank you to all who came along to make a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and a special thank you to Ann Bond for playing the organ.

Please pray our home communicants, receiving the holy sacrament during the course of this week and next. Give thanks that we are one with them in prayer, faith and sacraments.

Readers Please collect your readings from the sacristy.

Please pray for

The sick: Edward Troughton, Sarah Lightburn, Fr John Daulman, Margaret Pithers, Cathy Sime, Ellen Preston, Rosie, Pam Lewthwaite

Recently departed: Maureen McGartland

Anniversaries: Florence Lamb, Edith Morgan, Eric Franklin (priest), Bill Howarth, Mary Askew, Graham Marsh, Olive Garth, Colin Gardner