Today, we focus upon Our Lady, whose trust in God stands as a model for our own. Through her, God came to his people as one of us; and like her, we are called to bear Christ to the world, through obedience and faith.

Mass This Week And Intentions

Monday            9.15am *           Thanks For Advent Blessings

The Nativity Of The Lord***

11.30pm Midnight Mass With Blessing Of The Crib

8.00am Mass Of The Dawn Edward Gardner (Anniv.)

10.00am Sung Mass Of The Day The Parish

Wednesday      9.15am                 Harold Woods (Anniv.)     St Stephen

Thursday          7.15pm                 Joseph Lawrence (Anniv.)      St John

Friday                9.15am                 Children In Danger    Holy Innocents

Saturday            9.15am                Edna Jones Anniv.)

Prayer Of The Church

Morning Prayer:  Sun 7.30am; Mon, Wed-Sat 8.55am; Tues 7.30am


Thursday 6.45 – 7.10pm

Sacrament Of Reconciliation

Christmas Eve 5.00 -6.00pm

Next Sunday: Masses At 8.00am & 10.00am



Now tell us gentle Mary

Whither go these joyful shepherds?

N. Le Bègue

Choir: The glory of the Lord will shine on you, Jerusalem (A. Bond)

Parish Notices

Preparing for Christmas Please take a pink sheet if you haven’t already.

Christmas Stars available today, as an alternative to sending Christmas cards to people in church – plus, we get a nice wall display.

Top Ten Carols

today at 2.30pm in church.  There are voting slips in church today.  All welcome, bring others.  There will be sherry, mince pies, cakes, drinks for children.

*Last Mass of Advent tomorrow morning at 9.15am, after which we would value help in getting the church ready for Christmas.  If you have any greenery, please bring it along.  Many hands…

***Christmas Obligation All communicant members of the Church should attend and communicate on Christmas Day.  This obligation may be fulfilled at any of the three Masses (Midnight, Dawn, Day.  It is permissible to receive Holy Communion at Midnight and, additionally, at ONE of the Masses on Christmas Morning.  Please note that the Mass in the morning of Christmas Eve is of Advent and does not, therefore, fulfil the Christmas Obligation – nor, of course, does the Crib Service, since it is non-eucharistic.


Christmas Eve at 4.00pm

Adoration Thursday 6.45 – 7.10pm.

Luxury Christmas Hamper Vicky Rowbottom is kindly providing this again, and tickets are on sale today at £1.00.  Monies raised will be put towards grounds maintenance around the car park area, including the trees.

Christmas Cards Please check the table at the back of church (by the font) for any cards – and please take any for those who live near you. Thank you.

Do you have any old sheets or tea towels that Footsteps children could use for dressing up?  Also needed are sweet wrappers (e.g. Quality Street) that they could use to make stained glass windows.

Readers Please collect your readings from the sacristy.

Please pray for

The sick: Edward Troughton, Sarah Lightburn, Fr John Daulman, Margaret Pithers, Cathy Sime, Cain Calvin, Isaac Calvin, Ellen Preston, Rosie, Pam Lewthwaite

Recently departed: Amelia Templeton

Anniversaries: Wilfrid Gardner, Lesley Benson, Edward Gardner, John Edwards, Mark Titterington (priest),  Lily Jones, Blanch Avery, Patrick O’Mahoney (priest), Harold Woods, Joseph Lawrence, Elizabeth Atkins, John Lyons, Sylvia Ochel, Edna Jones