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17th December 2017 Third Sunday Of Advent

by Catherine

John the Baptist points away from himself towards Christ the Saviour, and so he is a model for us for individually and the for the Church.  We look forward now with joy and expectancy to the coming festival.  May our final preparations be thorough and faithful. Mass This Week And Intentions  Monday            7.00pm           The housebound […]

10th December 2017 Second Sunday Of Advent

by Catherine

Today, we celebrate that God’s Good News is a Saviour who wills to bring us to everlasting life. As we celebrate what has traditionally been called ‘Bible Day’, let us resolve to become more open and attuned to the message of God’s Word, so that our faith can be deepened and illumined. Mass This Week […]

3rd December 2017 First Sunday Of Advent (Year B)

by Catherine

The new liturgical year begins today as we start the season of Advent. Jesus calls us to ‘be on your guard, stay awake’. Let us seek to maintain an orientation towards God and his kingdom amid all the distraction of the commercial world which so dominates people’s lives at this time of the year. A […]

26th November 2017 Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King

by Catherine

On this final Sunday of the liturgical year, we celebrate that our Good Shepherd, Christ, watches over us and, if we look to Him, guides us through life to the glory of his unending Kingdom. Mass This Week And Intentions  Monday             7.00pm          Walsingham Tuesday            7.30am*        Doug Salisbury (Anniv.) Wednesday      No Mass Today** Thursday          7.15pm            Departed […]

19th November 2017 Thirty-Third Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Our energy, life and personal attributes are given to us by God to use in the service of His good purposes.  We must never undervalue our gifts, but celebrate them instead, through a spirit of service. Mass This Week And Intentions  Monday           7.00pm     David Lawson (priest) RIP Tuesday          12noon      Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary […]