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23rd September 2018 Twenty-Fifth Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Our attitude towards children and the vulnerable is a true test of our Christian integrity, as Jesus teaches us today; and the vulnerable could be anyone who is at any kind of disadvantage compared with ourselves, in any given situation and for any reason. Eucharistic Prayer – Memorial Acclamation 2 Mass This Week And Intentions […]

16th September 2018 Twenty-Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Christ accepts us as we are and calls us to follow him; and true discipleship is always costly. A special welcome to Charlie Paul Stretch, who is to be baptised today; and to his family and friends. Today is Home Mission Day, when we pray for the mission of the Church in our own country. […]

9th September 2018 Twenty-Third Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Everyone is equal in the sight of God, and he wishes each of us to experience his healing grace, according to our needs. Eucharistic Prayer – Memorial Acclamation 3 Mass This Week And Intentions Monday            7.00pm             Kathryn Phoenix Rip Tuesday           8.30am*          Richard Whitaker (Anniv.) Wednesday      […]

2nd September 2018 Twenty-Second Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Do we put aside the commandment of God to cling to purely human traditions and superstitions? Or do we honour God with our lips AND with our hearts? A special welcome to Delilah Belle Stephenson, who joins us in the fellowship of the Universal Church today through baptism.  Welcome, too, to her family and friends. […]

26th August 2018 Twenty-First Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Through baptism, we belong to Christ.  The faith we share is not primarily a set of propositions to which we assent; it is a way of life that we are called to live.  It must be distinctive and visible.  It can only be so when it is a based upon the centrality of the worship […]