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25th June 2017 Twelfth Sunday In Ordinary Time

by Catherine

Amidst the wickedness of the world and the fearful consequences of human rebellion against God and goodness, we can be assured that Christ is always at our side, and so we shall ultimately triumph. Mass This Week And Intentions  Monday                     7.00pm            Paul Martin RIP Tuesday                   NO MASS Wednesday               9.15am             Beryl Atkinson (anniv)                        St Irenaeus […]

11th June 2017 The Most Holy Trinity

by Lesley Simon

We gather to worship the God who has made Himself known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our salvation involves our being drawn into his divine and eternal life. The sacraments we receive in this world are a foretaste of the life of heaven; they are genuine participations in the life we are called to […]

28th May 2017 The Ascension Of The Lord

by Catherine

Today, we celebrate that our human nature has been taken into the Godhead. The disciples of Christ now wait in prayer for the gift of the Holy Spirit, through whom Christ would be present to all people every generation; thus, he remains with us, ‘to the end of time’. Alleluia! Mass This Week And Intentions  […]

21st May 2017 Sixth Sunday Of Easter

by Catherine

Jesus promises his Church the gift of the Holy Spirit, to enable his work of reconciliation and salvation to be continued in every place and every generation.  Alleluia! Mass This Week And Intentions  Monday           7.00pm            Victims of violence Tuesday          9.15am*           School community 12noon            Town Council Wednesday     9.15am            Harry Steele RIP Thursday         7.15pm             Historians St […]